LISC National

Our Initiatives

Detroit LISC coordinates and invests resources that contribute to sustainable neighborhood revitalization and community growth. We are committed to building positive environments to ensure that all residents of any income level have the opportunities and tools to build assets, become part of the economy and participate in the benefits of their communities.

“…This kind of comprehensive approach to community development is what is needed to build a more sustainable community and improve the quality of life”
— Tom Goddeeris, Detroit Future City

We invest in overlapping program areas that reach into every corner of community life. Our approach is comprehensive, effective and—most important—rooted in what neighbors want for themselves, their families and the places they call home.

Affordable Housing

We believe that safe, quality and affordable housing is one of the basic requisites of life. It is the key to health and well-being for individuals and communities.

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Financial Stability

We focus on helping families earn & keep more money and build assets to fund education, retirement and other financial goals.

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Economic Development

We invest in programs that support entrepreneurship, attract new businesses, diversify the local retail mix and stimulate employment in Detroit neighborhoods.

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Leadership & Capacity Building

We invest in local leaders and provide resources like training programs, learning opportunities and grants to change-makers.

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