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Become a LISC AmeriCorps Host Site

LISC Detroit invites our partners to submit an application to host a LISC AmeriCorps member for the 2019-2020 cohort which begins on October 1, 2019. 

LISC Detroit anticipates supporting the following positions for capacity building support for nonprofits in Detroit's neighborhoods:

  • 10 full-time 1700-hour AmeriCorps positions 
  • 4 quarter-time 450-hour AmeriCorps positions
  • 4 summer 300-hour AmeriCorps positions

The LISC AmeriCorps program seeks to provide our local, community-based partners the opportunity to implement projects which they could not otherwise. LISC AmeriCorps is one tool that helps our non-profit partners catalyze opportunity in the areas of employment, affordable housing, education, health, public safety, youth development, and building community leadership. As a partner, you will provide critical support in acting as career coaches and mentors to the individuals selected to be members. Our hope is that through these relationships and direct service members will gain valuable skills as they enter into a career in the community development field.

LISC Detroit is highly interested in supporting organizations that will utilize AmeriCorps members in initiatives that support our Equitable Impact Investment Fund. In the selection of our host/ partner sites, preference will be given to organizations whose members will focus on:

  • Financial Counseling
  • Employment Skills Training
  • Job Placement or Job Referral
  • Housing Counseling
  • Housing Physical Development
  • Community Engagement Volunteers
  • Community Assessment

Click here for the application materials 

LISC Detroit and LISC AmeriCorps will use these materials to determine the selection of partners to host an AmeriCorps member.

    Please submit all documents in MS Word format via e-mail to  If a host site is applying for more than one position, it should submit an application, service description, and goal worksheet for each position.



    Jessica Hinton, AmeriCorps Program Administrator