LISC National

Our Model

Since 1990, the goal of Detroit LISC has been simple: government, foundations and for-profit companies have the capital; residents and local institutions understand the need; and LISC bridges the gap by offering the relationships and expertise to help community organizations attract the kinds of resources that allow them do their best work. While the components of our programming continue to change and evolve, for more than 30 years, our role and our mission have remained the same.

We receive our funding from banks, corporations, foundations and government agencies. We, in turn, use that funding to provide financing and technical and management assistance to local partners and developers.

How LISC Works

We are on the ground
LISC is in more places than any other community development organization. We have staff, expertise and relationships in 31 local offices.

We listen
LISC engages local leaders and neighbors to plan, set goals and measure progress. We bring local issues to state and national policy leaders.

We innovate
LISC tests ground-breaking ideas locally and adapts them nationally for places as diverse as the Mississippi Delta and San Francisco Bay.

We leverage 
LISC invests in distressed neighborhoods for maximum impact. Every dollar we invest attracts another $3 in private capital. 

We see the big picture
LISC’s approach is comprehensive. We work on housing, businesses, jobs, education, health and safety in the same place at the same time.

We persevere
Markets go up and down, political winds shift, fads come and go. But LISC stays the course. 

We have an impact
Our communities are better places to live, more people have jobs and incomes rise. See our results in Detroit.