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Quality of Life Neighborhoods

Quality of life neigborhoods are places where families of all income levels can find safe and affordable housing, children attend good schools, healthy food is readily available, and residents have access to health care, childcare, financial counseling, and other services.

They are locations that cultivate entrepreneurial spirit, attract business investment, and create living-wage jobs that raise people out of poverty. Best of all, they are warm, welcoming environments that instill a sense of pride, ownership, and belonging.

How does LISC Work?

Working with local, state and national partners, LISC provides leadership, funding, and resources to accelerate citywide development of quality, affordable housing for a range of incomes to meet the community’s needs. LISC also works to address economic opportunity and supports and helps to lead efforts that stimulate economic development, grow jobs and create opportunities for all Duluth area residents to build their incomes and assets.

2016-2018 Strategic Plan

LISC’s 2016-2018 Strategic Plan focuses on comprehensive community development using a collective impact strategy in the Hillside and Lincoln park neighborhoods known as the Quality of Life Neighborhoods Collective.

Annual Report
20 Years in Counting (2007-2017)

For 20 years, Duluth has counted on LISC to convene partners, leverage resources, and incubate solutions to pressing community challenges. See 20 ways Duluth LISC has delivered.

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