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Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is situated to the west of downtown Duluth. The neighborhood is defined by Interstate 35 to the south, Skyline Parkway to the north, 40th Avenue West to the west, and West 15th Avenue to the east. Highway 53 cuts through Lincoln Park, somewhat isolating the eastern portion of the neighborhood. Straddling Miller Creek, and encompassing 35 acres, is Lincoln Park, the "Heart" of the neighborhood.

One of the oldest parks in Duluth, Lincoln Park was originally named Garfield Park during it's creation in 1890. With natural features including waterfalls, gorges, glacier-formed landscapes, and 120-year-old trees, it has been a popular stopping place for tourists and Duluthians alike for over a hundred years. Lincoln Park is predominately residential, with single family and multi-family homes inter-mixed with small businesses, community and institutional buildings and industrial sites. The main residential transportation corridor is along Third Street, with major commercial and industrial traffic on Michigan and Superior Streets.

Neighborhood Revitalization

As a critical driver for the continued revitalization of the Lincoln Park neighborhood, LISC support empowers area residents to take advantage of new opportunities for economic growth in their own neighborhood. The Lincoln Park neighborhood is one of the most vulnerable in Duluth, with higher unemployment and older housing stock. With LISC’s support, the neighborhood is a thriving commercial corridor and  “Craft District” destination, featuring new small businesses and restaurant opportunities. By supporting the neighborhood revitalization holistically through entrepreneurship, affordable housing and healthy food access initiatives,  Lincoln Park is #CraftingSomethingGreat.

The Lincoln Park Business District stretches from Garfield to 40th Ave. West along Superior Street and Michigan Avenue. It includes the Lincoln Park Craft Business District, which is quickly establishing itself as an incubator for entrepreneurs and a shopping and entertainment destination for locals and tourists. 

Lincoln Park Small Area Plan

We believe that every Duluthian has the right to live in a neighborhood with good housing, good schools, a safe and healthy environment, and economic vitality at the family and the community level. We also believe that people should be engaged in the planning and implementation of projects that make that happen for themselves and their neighbors.

Lincoln Park Plan