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Hartford LISC promotes neighborhood revitalization by providing financial and technical assistance to local, community-based organizations, working to build strong and sustainable communities. Our organization:

  • Assembles pools of capital and funding to support community development organizations and projects;
  • Invests in development projects to stimulate urban neighborhood revitalization;
  • Builds the capacity of local organizations to implement and sustain community development by providing technical assistance, training, and capacity-building assistance; and,
  • Promotes policies and programs that support neighborhood revitalization and affordable housing through cross-sector collaboration and advocacy.

Our primary goal is to increase the scale and impact of neighborhood revitalization. We do this by:

  • Supporting development and implementation of effective neighborhood development strategies;
  • Investing in targeted, block-wide development strategies; and, 
  • Promoting partnerships to support comprehensive neighborhood revitalization strategies to address physical, economic and social aspects of the neighborhood.

In addition to the core program operations, Hartford LISC manages the Hartford Neighborhood Development Support Collaborative (HNDSC), a funder’s collaborative supporting community development in Hartford neighborhoods. HNDSC provides operating support grants and organizational development services to qualified community development corporations in Hartford.

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