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Our Impact

Our Impact

We believe in partnering for change. Last year, LISC Indianapolis partnered with more than 200 organizations to forge resilient and inclusive communities of opportunity in Indianapolis. The growing inequality, concentrated poverty and racial inequity that our city is experiencing make the work that we and our partners do as urgent as ever before.

An opportunity and health gap – reflected in disparities in health and wellbeing, employment, wealth and financial security, and overall quality of life – is increasingly dividing Indianapolis. This gap does not stem from any single root: it arises from imbalanced access to basic needs like safety, housing and healthcare, as well as inequality of educational and economic opportunities. To address such complex problems requires a set of equally multi-dimensional tools and strategies. LISC is uniquely positioned to support comprehensive community development strategies and projects that address the cross-disciplinary array of neighborhood conditions that have been identified as social determinants of health.

As we complete our 27th year in Indianapolis, we have invested more than $266 million directly to leverage over $1 billion that produced more than 8,168 affordable housing units and 7.28 million square feet of redeveloped commercial space.
In 2019, LISC Indy invested
in Indy neighborhoods.
And leveraged
in other neighborhood development

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