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Offering excellent lifelong learning opportunities. Indianapolis neighborhoods will offer a rich array of educational opportunities to their residents from cradle to career to ensure that all children in these areas will have access to quality schools, and that adults will have opportunities to improve their employment skills. Quality pre-K will be available through accessible licensed child care providers. The assurance of high quality K-12 education will be fulfilled by first supporting the health of existing high-performing schools serving the area. If existing schools are academically failing, efforts will be made either to convert them into Innovation schools or to attract new schools.

Our 2019 - 2021 Education Goals:

  1. Support LISC neighborhoods as they pursue the Education components of their Quality-of-Life or Great Places 2020 plan, achieving a quality education continuum from cradle to career.
  2. Sustain and expand Bridges to Career Opportunities (BCO) sites that will result in 500 industry-recognized credentials and 500 job placements with $16/hour average wages. 2019 outcome: 143 job placements with $16/hour average wage
  3. Invest $5M in Great Places Neighborhoods educational facilities and projects. 2019 outcome: $4.5M invested​

2020 Focus:

  1. Prove/expand FOC/BCO model
  2. Create Anchor Institution Career Pathways
    Talent Development

    We believe that talent exists in every neighborhood. We need to connect this talent to opportunity and equip talent to succeed.

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    Charter School Financing

    Access to high quality public education sets the foundation for a healthy neighborhood and ensures that people, and not just places, prosper.

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    Tedd Grain, Executive Director