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Creating healthy, active, and beautiful places. By leveraging existing assets of many kinds, healthy neighborhoods will be created in which residents have daily access to art, nature, recreation and beauty. Livability includes the natural and cultural amenities that will improve the health and well-being of residents and make their neighborhood more attractive to new stakeholders. These elements include the character, creativity, and condition of natural and built environments. Desirable amenities include pedestrian and bicycle connectedness, recreational programs and spaces, access to quality health care, local high-quality food access, cultural attractions, and the preservation and enhancement of natural spaces.

Our 2019 - 2021 Livability Goals:

  1. Support LISC neighborhoods as they pursue the Livability components of their Quality-of-Life or Great Places 2020 plans
  2. Invest $2M to increase access to fresh food, healthy eating, physical activity and quality healthcare to improve the physical health and well-being of residents. ​2019 outcome: $1,800,264 invested
  3. Invest $1M to integrate arts and culture into beautiful spaces, build a strong sense of place and enhance neighborhood identity to improve the mental health and well-being of residents. 2019 outcome: $5,500 invested   

Our 2020 focus:

  1. Partnership with health care
  2. Prove/Expand Community Health Worker model

LISC’s approach to improving health in underserved places is holistic: we promote affordable, green housing, safety, good education, job opportunities and financial stability—all of which factor into the health and wellbeing of a community.

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Affordable, fresh food is a critical ingredient of a healthy community and one of the keys to upending chronic, nutrition-related diseases like obesity and diabetes that plague impoverished neighborhoods.

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Public Safety

Safety is fundamental to the health and vitality of communities. People need to know that their children can walk to school without fear, and that their streets and parks are peaceful places. Safety is also critical to attracting community-minded businesses and keeping residents engaged with their neighborhoods. When communities are safe, local economies can flourish.

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Creative Placemaking

Artistic and cultural activities strengthen a community, particularly when they reveal and celebrate its character and identity. At LISC, we support residents coming together to make social, physical and economic changes in their neighborhoods through the arts and culture.

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Shelbi Cummings, Assistant Program Officer