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Opportunity: Economic Development

LISC has developed an inclusive economic development framework that expands the ability of people, places, and businesses to contribute to equitable prosperity, so that all are able to thrive. Our work creates accessible opportunities for people to find jobs that increase their income and assets, and at the same time, it grows businesses and rebuilds neighborhood economies through integrated strategies that develop talentbusinesses, and districts.

Our 2019 - 2021 Opportunity Goals:

  1. Support LISC neighborhoods as they pursue the Opportunity components of their Quality-of-Life or Great Places 2020 plan.
  2. Finance $6M in real estate development, invest $8M in equity in projects that foster inclusive entrepreneurship and job creation. 2019 outcomes: $1.34M financed in real estate development; $8M equity invested in entrepreneurship and job creation project
  3.  Invest $1M in technical assistance to foster vibrant, economically resilient and inclusive commercial and industrial districts. 2019 outcome: $465,000 invested 
  4. Create 500 jobs 2019 outcome: 139 jobs created​   
  5. Help build and transform 700,000 square feet of commercial space 2019 outcome: 676,163 square feet    

2020 Focus:

  1. Launch Far-East Economic Inclusion agenda
  2. Launch CDFI Collaborative/Minority Entrepreneurship Fund
    Inclusive Economic Opportunity Districts Program

    It’s what every neighborhood wants: vibrant commercial and retail districts offering good jobs, shops, services, entertainment options, and healthy food close by–businesses that add to the life and spirit of the community. That’s what LISC has set out to create with the Opportunity Districts Program.

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    Facade and Property Improvement Program

    The Small Business Facade and Property Improvement Program provides matching grants to property owners willing to renovate the street-front exteriors of their structures. 

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    Small Business and Microenterprise Support

    LISC provides resources, financing, and support networks for businesses that will create jobs and have a positive, long-term impact on underserved communities.

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    Commercial Land Bank

    In an effort to accelerate economic mobility and inclusion in Indianapolis neighborhoods, LISC supports Renew Indianapolis in their effort to expand their programming to include commercial land banking.  

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    Opportunity Investment Consortium

    LISC helped created the Opportunity Investment Consortium to more intentionally encourage the transformation of Opportunity Zone neighborhoods into vibrant places for residents and businesses. The consortium is comprised of a public/private collection of investors and community partners poised to support and invest in Opportunity Zones through the facilitation of an online pairing tool. 

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    Emily Scott, Program Officer