LISC National
What We Do


Reviving a growing and diverse population. Retaining and attracting residents to under-populated neighborhoods in a way that diversifies household income levels will lead to enhanced density and prosperity of these neighborhoods and the city. To increase renovation and new construction, investments will support creative financing options, land banking, targeted home repair financing, energy efficiency improvements and code enforcement for existing buildings.

Our 2019 - 2021 Vitality Goals:

  1. Support LISC neighborhoods as they pursue the Vitality components of their Quality-of-Life or Great Places 2020 plan.
  2. Generate $4M in housing lending and $5M in equity investment in targeted neighborhoods and  co-investment sites statewide. 2019 outcome: $77,500                                    
  3. Help build and transform 100 housing units 2019 outcome: 52 units in development
  4. Design and implement financing tools and products to advance affordable housing development models, initiatives, and collaborations

2020 Focus:

  1. Implement housing cost reduction strategy
  2. Launch homeowner repair fund
  3. Co-invest with National Equity Fund


Aaron Laramore, Senior Program Officer