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Every neighborhood is a unique tapestry—a complex system of interconnected, moving parts. That is precisely why no single solution can ever hope to address all of a struggling neighborhood’s needs. Disinvested places must be revived on multiple fronts. LISC helps residents and local organizations do just that.

We invest in overlapping program areas that reach into every corner of community life. Our approach is comprehensive, effective and—most important—rooted in what neighbors want for themselves, their families and the places they call home.

Communities rich with opportunity and physical assets are a prerequisite for healthy, happy lives and a strong society. We work with partners to support vital local economies and safe, affordable places to live, work and go to school. This takes many forms, including preservation and construction of affordable housing, commercial and industrial district development, creative placemaking, transit-oriented development, sustainable building and disaster resiliency and community-law enforcement partnerships.

Quality-of-Life Neighborhoods

We help neighborhood-based organizations organize, identify results they aim to achieve, create plans, and then help implement them—a process we call quality-of-life planning.

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Great Places 2020

Great Places 2020 is a visionary community development project that transforms strategic places in Marion County neighborhoods into dynamic centers of culture, commerce and community, preparing Indianapolis for unprecedented success as it reaches its Bicentennial.

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Inclusive Economic Opportunity Districts

To attract new employers and help existing businesses succeed, LISC has developed a wide range of tools used to revitalize real estate and renew a sense of vibrancy along targeted industrial districts throughout the city.

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Bridges to Career Opportunity Sites

The Bridges to Career Opportunities (BCOs) initiative helps connect unemployed and underemployed residents in Indianapolis with quality jobs in growth industries.

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Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Investment Consortium of Indiana helps more intentionally encourage the transformation of Opportunity Zone neighborhoods in Indiana into vibrant places for residents and businesses. 

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