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Inclusive Economic Opportunity Districts

To better reflect and convey the mission of our economic development work, the longstanding Fostering Commercial Urban Strategies (FOCUS) program has been rebranded to Inclusive Economic Opportunity Program. 

Inclusive Economic Opportunity Districts build on more than a decade of commercial revitalization support and a history of significant impact in places such as Mass Ave, Fountain Square, and Irvington. Since 2015, the industrial corridors included: East Washington Street (just east of downtown), and Mass Ave (the northeast industrial portion), and in 2017 this work was expanded to provide assistance to the Great Places.

North Mass

North Mass is a 500+ acre legacy industrial district northeast of downtown Indianapolis that runs along I-70 from Mass Ave and 10th Street up to Sherman Drive. The Corridor, home to small businesses ranging from 1-75 employees, is also home to many vacant and underutilized properties. 

Leading these efforts is the Riley Area Development Corporation (RADC) who is working to connect existing businesses in the area to workforce development programs, resources at the City and State, façade grants and to other businesses, while also working to bring new businesses to the many vacant properties. In addition to growing the business presence and strength of the area, attention is being given to the aging infrastructure and aesthetic of the area which is important to the businesses but also the Martindale Brightwood and Near Eastside neighborhoods which flank the Corridor.

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East Washington Street

The East Washington Street Partnership is a collaborative effort to foster sustainable economic development and revitalization along one of Indianapolis most important urban corridors. 

The Vision Plan seeks to partner economic revitalization with neighborhood revitalization in a manner that brings residents and jobs back, improves property values and tax base, improves ecological quality, and promotes the transformation of a struggling, degraded corridor into a vibrant, mixed-use urban address.

Through short and long term development sites, the goals of the plan are to bring back jobs for the community and to support a long-term policy vision of re-introducing rail transit along the corridor.

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Emily Scott, Program Officer