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Strategic Plan, 2019-2020

LISC is uniquely positioned to support comprehensive community development strategies and projects that address the cross-disciplinary array of neighborhood conditions that have been identified as social determinants of health.

As such, LISC Indianapolis’ three-year strategic plan (2019 – 2021) is centered on addressing social determinants of health through the interconnected disciplines of creative placemaking, economic development, and talent development. LISC’s commitments to improve Livability, Opportunity, Vitality, and Education (LOVE) in Indianapolis neighborhoods over the next three years are informed by and connected to investments that address health equity outcomes for neighborhood residents over the next 20 years.

2019 - 2021 Strategic Plan
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In Indianapolis neighborhoods, we aim to:

   Improve life expectancy

   Increase economic mobility 

   Close the racial equity gap 


Stategies we will pursue:

   Strengthen existing alliances while building new collaborations to increase our impact on the progress of people and places.

   Develop leadership and the capacity of partners to advance our work together.

   Invest in businesses, housing and other community infrastructure to catalyze economic, health, safety and educational mobility for individuals and communities.

   Drive local, regional, and national policy and system changes that foster broadly shared prosperity and well-being.

   Equip talent in underinvested communities with the skills and credentials to compete successfully for quality income and wealth opportunities.

Investments we will make:
$40 Million
Deployed to forge inclusive and resilient communities

Past Strategic Plans: