LISC National

A Message to our Community Partners, Neighbors and Friends


Dear Community Partners, Neighbors and Friends,

LISC Jacksonville recognizes the deep anguish our community is experiencing following the deaths of George Floyd in Minneapolis and Ahmaud Arbery a few miles to our north.  As more information becomes public, we know that a callous disregard for human life based solely on skin color lies at the root of these horrific murders. 

Over two decades, we have forged deep relationships with neighborhoods and residents across Jacksonville. Many of our partners are especially hurting. To the communities we serve, LISC does not take our responsibilities lightly. We hear your fear and anger, we support your calls for justice, and we acknowledge the privilege afforded to us when you welcomed us to serve with you.  We remain honored to work alongside you. 

We will increase our efforts to address the long-term and systematic inequities that plague our communities.  We are prepared to support community organizing to create a more just world—not just engagement and safety—and to invest in more resident- and community-owned housing and enterprises. We are committed to using our position of influence to advocate more strongly for our communities and against the institutional policies and practices that have led to decades of injustice.

Richard Manson, Interim Executive Director, LISC Jacksonville
Sherry Magill, Chair, LlSC Jacksonville