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Steps 2 Success (S2S) provides families with services across three areas: employment placement and career improvement; financial education and coaching; and public benefits access. These core services are integrated and bundled together to reinforce one another and to provide a multi-faceted approach to income and wealth-building. Coaching creates a lasting change in participants, moving families from just meeting immediate needs to planning and attaining long-term goals that let them thrive.


Human services work best when seam­lessly bundled together and people do best when supported by a team of coach­es. As participants reduce expenses, ob­tain benefits, and remove barriers to em­ployment, the net value of their earnings rises sharply.

Pair coaching connects each participant with both an employment and financial coach at every step of their journey, while public benefits assistants work with par­ticipants to maximize their chances of financial stability.

While employment is a victory, success is measured by the long-term financial sta­bility of a family that comes from invest­ing in themselves and their community.


S2S is a data-informed program, using short- and medium-term indicators to help each participant tune their plan to maximize their outcomes.

Over the long-term S2S measures success by each participant’s changes in their net income, credit score, long-term job reten­tion and net worth over time.



Living-Wage Career Attainment

Participants engage in employment ser­vices, led by Lutheran Social Services, including job-readiness training, connec­tions to hard-skill training, and placement with employers through staff-supported employer engagement.

Financial Capacity Building

Through workshops and individual finan­cial coaching, led by Family Foundations, participants solve self-defined issues, plan for future financial stability, and reduce the use of high-cost alternative financial products.

Benefits and Income Navigation

United Way 211-trained staff support par­ticipants in applying and receiving every dollar they need for short-term stability and every dollar they’ve earned through free tax preparation.

Life Coaching & Accountability

Every coach teaches critical thinking through a practical and applicable model tied to real life, creating behavior chang­es that continue even after they leave the program.





Devin Thompson
LISC Jacksonville Economic Development Officer