LISC National
What We Do

Capacity Building

LISC Jacksonville provides its partners with the advice, training and tools necessary for success.

Working together with its community partners, LISC Jacksonville strives to maximize revitalization efforts. LISC Jacksonville offers a wide range of support services to our grantees, partners, and borrowers as they undertake real estate development activities and initiatives that improve life in the communities they serve.  

Our capacity building assistance includes:

  • Support to advance real estate development
  • Strengthening organizations and providing staff with relevant training
  • Participation in strategic planning, program and organization expansion, and crisis intervention
  • Helping organizations fulfill their missions through effective and efficient delivery of services
  • Sharing knowledge and best practices in the field of community development, as well as other professions that intersect with our work

Examples of our capacity building work includes:

  • LISC Jacksonville helped create, develop and capitalize eight community development corporations in Jacksonville
  • LISC has provided significant capacity building assistance to Northwest Jacksonville Community Development Corporate, to support its commercial and housing developments in the 29th and Chase neighborhood
  • LISC assisted Clara White Mission in the development of their urban farm
  • LISC Jacksonville helped Operation New Hope increase its real estate development capacity in Historic Springfield/Eastside