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NFL Grassroots Program

The NFL Foundation Grassroots Program is a partnership of the National Football League Foundation, which provides funding for the Program, and LISC, which provides technical assistance and manages the Program. The goal of the NFL Foundation Grassroots Program is to provide non-profit, neighborhood-based organizations with financial and technical assistance to improve the quality, safety, and accessibility of local football fields. Athletic fields can serve as tremendous community assets by offering opportunities for recreation, education, and relaxation that contribute to the local quality of life. The NFL Foundation Grassroots Program seeks to redress the shortage of clean, safe, and accessible football fields in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods.

11 grants have been awarded to improve fields throughout Jacksonville since 1999

LISC Jacksonville has worked closely with the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Jaguars Foundation on this initiative. Since 1999, the NFL Foundation in collaboration with the Jacksonville Jaguars has awarded ten grants to improve fields throughout the city -- more than any other NFL location in the country.

NFL Youth Football fields in Duval County:

  • Criswell Park
  • Mary Lena Gibbs Park
  • McCormick Road Complex
  • Woodland Acres Club Football Field
  • Pine Forest Athletic Field
  • Bishop John J. Snyder High School Football Field
  • Mallison Park
  • Scott Park
  • Ray Greene Park
  • Kooker Park *
  • Yancey Park

These grants are awarded in tandem by the NFL and LISC to local nonprofits who are responsible for youth programming at the site. The funds are administered by LISC Jacksonville.

*Additional support was provided by ESPN to improve the scoreboard at the park.