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As a financial intermediary, LISC envisions a future where all Kansas City urban neighborhoods thrive and grow. By providing financial tools, LISC jumpstarts entrepreneurial projects, infuses capital into neighborhoods and creates economic opportunities. 

We are dedicated to striking a balance between risk management and the philanthropic role of a charitable lender. Our lending efforts support projects and programs that, in most cases, would not happen without LISC investment. As such, LISC's financing projects have directly financed community development projects and helped CDCs leverage millions of dollars in additional funding that may have been difficult to obtain otherwise.

In 2016 and to date 2017, Greater Kansas City LISC has invested $8 million in funds – leveraging $187 million in potential development costs in the Urban Core Neighborhoods resulting in:

  • 361 Affordable Rental Units
  • 11 For Sale Affordable Houses and Townhomes
  • 45 Bed Healthcare Facility
  • An Affordable Day Care Facility for 447 Children
Loan Products

LISC provides the experience and skill needed to raise resources that can address the financial gaps often associated with investment in urban-core neighborhoods.

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Tax Credits

LISC has started several affiliate organizations that specialize in specific financing mechanisms that support community development projects.

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