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Fresh Ideas for 31st and Troost Corridor Welcome at Weekly Office Hours

Transforming neighborhoods on the city’s east side is not a simple project one person or organization can tackle alone. Creating a brighter future for this historic neighborhood corridor requires lots of people to come together and work hard to bring about change.

These are key principles behind the Kansas City Catalytic Urban Redevelopment (KC-CUR) initiative, which focuses on spurring commercial development with the six block area of 31st and Troost. The goal is to generate forward momentum in this target area, which will build local community wealth and then spread to surrounding neighborhoods. Daniel Serda is the Project Manager for theKansas City Catalytic Urban Redevelopment (KC-CUR) initiative. “We want to help overcome financial and bureaucratic hurdles to get projects moving,“ said Daniel. “As projects get moving, that creates more development interest. And that interest in turn creates more growth.” 

Daniel is a KCK native, MIT alumnus, former University of Kansas professor and veteran urban planner who is committed to working with communities to put the pieces together and make positive change.

That’s why he decided to host weekly office hours and connect with community members who care about this neighborhood.

“I’m hearing from folks living in the neighborhoods and developers doing business in the neighborhoods. I’m also connecting with entrepreneurs looking to start or locate their businesses in the area,” said Daniel.

LISC and Urban Neighborhood Initiative (UNI), using the services of local design firm BNIM, just completed the 31st & Troost Revitalization Scenario.  The vision is now set alongside specific strategies for cultivating a healthy, walkable, affordable and vibrant environment. If you want to talk with Daniel about your ideas for next steps around 31st and Troost, feel free to visit him Tuesdays 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Urban Café, 4101 Troost. 


Daniel Serda