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Couple Shares Joy of Home Ownership

One of the greatest services Greater Kansas City LISC provides is offering loans to build and renovate affordable homes in some of the city’s most underserved neighborhoods. We always love to meet some of these new homeowners as they start exciting new chapters in their lives.

One such couple is Rev. William and Deborah Hite who recently purchased a home near 39th and Cleveland.

The Hites said their neighbors have welcomed them with open arms since the first day they moved in.

“We look out for each other. There are no strangers in this neighborhood,” beamed Deborah.

The house, which caught fire a few years ago, was rebuilt with top-of-the-line fixtures, flooring and modern appliances. UC-B Properties rehabbed the house after the fire.

“They say the developer thought of himself and what he liked when he designed this home,” explained Rev. Hite, associate pastor of Bread of Life Community Baptist Church.

The couple’s road to home ownership was truly a leap of faith. According to Rev. Hite, the house was originally priced above their budget.

“We held hands and prayed in the living room. I said ‘Lord if this house is meant for us, I trust you to provide a way for us to be able to afford it,” he said.

The Hites soon received a call from their real estate agent explaining she was able to get the price reduced by more than $25,000 – sealing the deal.

John Hoffman, President of UC-B Properties said “We didn’t make any money on it but that’s ok. The pastor and his wife are about to put roots down and contribute to the entire community surrounding their home.”

The Hites hope their story will inspire others to become home owners. As Rev. Hite puts it, their mortgage is only $9 a month more than their former rent payments.

“I’m telling everyone there are so many programs out there to help you get into your own home, just start researching,” he encourages.

As UC-B Properties has focused much of its attention on multi-family market-rate projects and upscale single-family homes in Beacon Hill, LISC has assisted in the rehabilitation of nearby blighted properties that are affordable to working families like the Hites.  Their home renovation was made possible by a $58,500 LISC loan. To date, LISC has invested more than $350,000 into this particular initiative to bring three homes back to life.

In addition to a variety of single-family homes, many other housing projects throughout the community have been supported with LISC investments including Blenheim School Apartments, Finnegan Place and Faxon School Apartments. Click here to learn more about our loan products.


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