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Metropolitan Lutheran Ministry

For nearly 50 years, Metropolitan Lutheran Ministry has been a critical safety net provider for thousands of residents in need throughout the Greater Kansas City metro area - providing food, housing, health care, education, employment and other support services.

The MLM family is excited to begin offering Financial Opportunity Center (FOC) services as a natural progression of the Family Empowerment Continuum.

MLM believes FOC's wraparound approach will help families and neighborhoods achieve long-term success by breaking through the employment barrier. The goal is also to help individuals become engaged with their neighborhoods as they become self-sufficient. After all, long-term relationships with neighborhoods and families will help improve the quality of life for all residents in these neighborhoods.

The evidence-based program also offers training opportunities specifically targeted at individuals with low math and English scores to prepare them for in-demand, high-wage job training programs. Unlike many other programs, the FOC model recognizes that employment alone doesn’t solve the poverty puzzle. Instead, FOC clients work to change their lives by working with a proven system that includes financial coaching, employment training and support services.


Learn more about Metropolitan Lutheran Ministry and the work they do in Kansas City by visiting their site. 


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