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COVID-19 Response

Supporting Small Businesses During COVID-19

LISC LA has developed a toolkit, with funding from Wells Fargo, that offers several small business policy agenda ideas and innovative solutions for local governments to consider. Compiled through in-depth research and reports from LISC LA’s dozens of community-based partners on the front lines of this crisis, the toolkit includes seven immediate recommendations for mitigating the impact of the pandemic.

Supporting Small Businesses During COVID-19: A Toolkit for Local Governments

We offer our partnership to local cities as they aim to remake small business ecosystems in unprecedented times. 


Unprecedented times undoubtedly call for innovative and effective solutions in the communities we all care about. While the world has changed and will no doubt require a tailored response, the needs of the most vulnerable remain the same, and LISC LA continues to uphold its commitment to equity, working in underinvested communities and communities of color that deserve the same attention, resources and seat at the table – especially in times of crisis.


Supporting Small Businesses During COVID 19: A Toolkit for Local Governments

Learn more with an overview of the toolkit outlining the best practices for local governments amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, such as adopting policies and procedures that will bolster small businesses through severe economic challenges. We also discussed food procurement and how cities can help people access food.

Public-Private Partnerships: Grants and 0% Interest Loans

In this webinar, we discussed LISC LA’s initiative to support small businesses in cities throughout LA and Orange Counties and the LISC LA Small Business toolkit. We had a diverse set of panelists from Facebook; the City of Los Angeles Economic and Workforce Development Department; and the County of Los Angeles, Department of Workforce, Development, Aging, and Community Services all confirmed to talk about the resources they are making available to help small businesses right now. We also shared where to look for funding for grants and the priority areas being funded.

Using Data to Support Small Businesses & Panel: How Can Cities Support Multifamily Apartment Owners

We encourage local governments to launch a 'Call for Data' campaign in order to create a database of small businesses and to establish a direct line of contact with those that are most impacted by this pandemic. On this webinar, we hear from the City of Oakland on how they’ve used data to support small businesses during this time. Small apartment owners have limited help and lack clarity on making sure renters pay rent due to eviction moratoriums so for the second half, we had a panel discussion on how cities can support multifamily apartment owners during the current crisis.