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How South LA Is Increasing Economic Opportunity Through Inclusive, Place-Based Solutions

This winter, The New York Times released an in-depth portrayal of homelessness in Los Angeles. Rather than pointing to housing shortages or escalating costs of living as the primary culprits, the authors offered a more comprehensive diagnosis: Interconnected legacies of racism, disinvestment, and displacement—all rooted in place—are to blame. Read on.

Women in Construction Week: Celebration of Epic Women

For many years, industries like construction, engineering, architecture, and demolition were reserved only for men. But now, more and more women are breaking the barriers and pursuing successful careers in these male-dominated fields. This is evident through celebrations like Women In Construction Week every first week of March and programs like DemoChicks.

3.02.2020 -

Partner Highlight: Kounkuey Design Initiative’s North Hills Lot Opening

We appreciated the opportunity to attend the grand opening celebration of Kounkuey Design Initiative's first lot in their Adopt-A-Lot pilot program.