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An Accurate Census Count is Imperative for America. Here’s Why.

Matt Josephs, LISC SVP and head of the organization’s policy team, makes the urgent case for why a fair and accurate census count is so important for the health and wellbeing of our communities. Anything short of that undermines equity and thwarts our democratic process. Every one of us, he writes, has a role ...

6.25.2020 -

Resetting Expectations: Community Building and Policing

LISC LA works predominantly with the underserved communities that are most at risk of police violence, and we feel deeply for our partners, clients, and Angeleno community that have been hurt by recent events and ongoing injustices. That is why we do the work we do, to unravel and work to cure the systemic injustices ...

Just when we were lulled back to normal

First, our heart and sincere condolences are with the family of George Floyd. A nation mourns with you. We watched as a handcuffed, unarmed Black man in Minneapolis lost his life. The shock of this is overwhelming and to have happened in the middle of a pandemic only adds to the trauma. Read on...