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Amped Kitchens Offers Dedicated, Permit-Ready, Private Production Spaces For Small Food Manufacturers

Amped Kitchens, formerly known as L.A. Prep, is breaking the barriers to entry for growing food companies. Their multi-tenant food production facilities provide pre-inspected, ready-to-occupy, private kitchen spaces to small food manufacturers. The innovative model helps food companies scale production faster and with lower capital, removing the traditional barriers of facility costs.

“It takes more than just looking at the financial aspect of a project. LISC sees through to the mission, and that’s what makes LISC such a great organization.”
— Mott Smith, co-founder and Principal of Civic Enterprise

LISC's economic development initiatives boost the health of neighborhoods by investing in the physical and social assets of a community's business district. The impact of these investments ripple beyond individual neighborhoods, improving the landscape for industry and employment, bolstering cities' tax revenues and stimulating regional economies. LISC has been involved with Amped Kitchens from the very beginning, helping Amped Kitchens expand and provide hundreds of new jobs at every Amped Kitchens Location.

“We see many people out in the community with so many great ideas and skills. It just takes organizations like LISC and Amped Kitchens to push the people to build their own businesses.”
— Mott Smith, co-founder and Principal of Civic Enterprise

Amped Kitchens changed their name from L.A. Prep to prepare for the significant growth they expect in the following years as they see a significant demand in metropolitan areas. The word is spreading that this company provides an open door for food companies.

Amped Kitchens, L.A. South, opens this month. This location closely follows the successful model developed at the original L.A. Prep location, (now called Amped Kitchens—L.A. North.) Amped Kitchens—L.A. South converted a nearly 100-year-old granary building to a bustling complex of 62 food production spaces. Completely renovated prior to opening, we are proud of its new use as a vibrant hub for food innovation and civic and social engagement, contributing to the creation of over 250 jobs.

Opening in late 2019,  Amped Kitchens Chicago will build on the success of the Los Angeles locations to bring a multi-tenant premium food production facility to the Galewood neighborhood of Chicago. Amped Kitchens Chicago is converting a former television factory into a bustling complex of 64 food production spaces.