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Changemakers Podcast - HDTI Helping Folks Fight Housing Insecurity In California

“Talk to different nonprofits and see where you can provide value.” ~ Daniel Huynh

In this episode, LISC LA Community Development Officer Alexandra Dawson interviews Daniel Huynh, an alum of the Housing Development Training Institute (HDTI) and now Vice President of Real Estate at LA Family Housing.

Daniel has been working within the Los Angeles’ nonprofit affordable housing field for more than a decade and has contributed to the development of more than 590 multifamily residential units yielding $186 million of real estate investment in Los Angeles.

Listen to this episode where he shares his advice for those who want to get into the industry and fight housing insecurity.

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. The motivation behind Daniel’s career

  2. How Daniel went from an intern to Vice President of Real Estate at a local nonprofit

  3. Why he feels HDTI helped him in his career growth

Listen to the Podcast!