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LISC LA's 5 Year Strategic Plan

While the world has changed and will no doubt require a tailored response, the needs of the most vulnerable remain the same. Our current strategic plan calls for safe, affordable housing, employment opportunities, and thriving small businesses in healthy neighborhoods.

Everyone In Economic Inclusion Initiative Phase 1 Report

In service to our mission to bring economic opportunity to low and moderate income communities, beginning in 2017, LISC LA served as the Chair of the City of Long Beach’s ‘Everyone In’ Economic Inclusion Initiative, an initiative designed to develop policy solutions that deliver economic opportunity to disadvantaged communities, with the ultimate goal of creating a local economy that includes and benefits every resident. 

Supporting Economic Inclusion in Disadvantaged Communities: A Case for Inclusive Public Procurement Policies

"Public procurement is one of the most powerful tools that local governments can employ to foster more equitable local economies." ~Tunua Thrash-Ntuk, LA LISC Executive Director 

With the billions of dollars of public works projects slated for development in the next 10 years we are at a pivotal moment as a region. In our latest white paper, Supporting Economic Inclusion in Disadvantaged Communities: A Case for Inclusive Public Procurement Policies, you can read more about the opportunities we have to improve the current procurement system. 


Place Based Innovation: HUD Section 4 RFP Webinar 
May 15, 2018

Developing Affordable ADUs Webinar 
April 25, 2018, Webinar Hosted by LA-MÁS + LA LISC

Health, Wealth, and Housing: Promoting Cross Sector Collaborations for Equity Conference
October 4, 2017, Federal Reserve Bank