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Welcome to LISC Flint!

LISC Flint is working with CDCs and other closely aligned neighborhood intermediaries to identify and evaluate different approaches to organizing their work in community development. The overall goal of this effort provides participants with both the tools and the insights into how to make critical choices regarding how, when and why an organization would want to work collaboratively with others to design, manage or implement a comprehensive community development strategy.

Our Stories

3.26.2020 -

Welcome Shaina Tinsey to LISC Flint

Shaina is the new Healthy Homes assistant program officer, responsible for managing Flint's Healthy Homes Initiative. The Healthy Homes Initiative is an intersectional partnership working to ensure the social determinants of health are incorporated into housing programs. Shaina will work with public and private community partners, service providers in health care, agencies with housing programs, and with neighborhood associations to achieve the initiative's objectives...