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Flint Local Advisory Committee (LAC)

A unique aspect of LISC’s national/local partnership is the Local Advisory Committee. Each local program, as well as LISC’s National Rural Program, has an advisory committee that has responsibility for providing guidance and direction for the program, reviewing and approving all requests for LISC grant and loan support to CDCs and private developers, and acting as our ambassadors to the world outside of LISC. 

We are very pleased to have you as part of our LAC!


David Brandt 
CFO, ELGA Credit Union

Jim Carney (Chair)
Flint Community President, Chemical Bank  

Charlotte Edwards (Vice Chair)
Hurley Medical Center, Board of Managers  

Courtney Elledge
Sr. Community Dev. Specialist, Huntington Bank

Becky Gaskin
Executive Director, Hagerman Foundation

Jamie Gaskin
CEO, United Way of Genesee County

Amy Hovey
Special Projects Coordinator, CS Mott Foundation

Elizabeth Jordan
Senior Program Officer, Ruth Mott Foundation

Christina Kelly 
Director of Planning and Revitilizaion, Genesee County Land Bank

Suzanne Wilcox
Director of Planning & Development, City of Flint

Lynn Williams
Sr. Program Officer, Community Foundation of Greater Flint

Renee Williams
Senior Vice President, Community Development Manager, Michigan Market Manager

Cheryl Woodyard 
VP Retail Banking, Flagstar Bank

Thomas Wyatt
Director of Neighborhood & Community Services, University Advancement Kettering University