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Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) believes that everyone should have the right to live in a safe, prosperous neighbourhoods full of opportunities.

Since 1988, Flint LISC has been working towards this vision by providing funding, financing, and technical assistance to Community Development Corporations (CDCs), Non-Profit Developers, and Policy & Advocacy Organizations in the city of Flint. With LISC’s support, community developers have been able to and will continue to provide affordable housing, spark economic development, and increase access to high-quality education, transportation, and other crucial resources.

    Since 1988 Flint LISC has provided
    $35,094,250 million
    in financial support to non-profits/community organizations for capacity building, projects/programs
    Support in Grants
    In Recoverable Grant & Loans
    Total Grants and Loan Support

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