LISC National
Our Initiatives


LISC’s approach to improving health in underserved places is holistic: we promote affordable, green housing, safety, good education, job opportunities and financial stability—all of which factor into the health and wellbeing of a community.

But we also target our work to shore up three fundamental resources every neighborhood needs to keep residents well:

  • Easy access to pri­mary health care
  • Effordable, nutritious food and
  • Safe places to exercise

Through the Healthy Futures Fund, LISC is developing innovative ways to bring community health centers to underserved areas as well as affordable housing that incorporates health services for low-income residents.

We’re committed to helping people get what they need to become—and stay—healthy.

Our healthy food initiatives help neighborhoods develop and expand sources of wholesome, affordable foods—like grocery stores, farmer’s markets, client choice food pantries and urban vegetable gardens. The programs we support also educate community members about nutrition and empower residents to advocate for healthy eating in their own families and neighborhoods.