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Technical Assistance

LISC Flint offers a wide range of technical assistance and capacity-building resources to local nonprofit organizations working in neighborhoods. This technical assistance helps organizations tackle new types of programs and projects, strengthen their organizational practices and increase their ability to serve as an effective neighborhood partner. 

LISC Flint provides technical assistance and capacity building support in the following ways:

We offer classroom and individual training sessions to staff members from community development corporations (CDCs), community-based organizations (CBOs) and resident leaders. Training topics include leadership development, community engagement, conflict resolution, nonprofit management, real estate development, building collaborations and other community revitalization issues.

Project-Related Technical Assistance
LISC provides funding and free consulting to groups working on community real estate development projects at any stage. Project examples include affordable housing, community and child care facilities, charter schools, commercial centers and youth football fields.

Programmatic Technical Assistance
LISC coaches nonprofits through the program development process, community engagement and strategy development. We also provide funding when appropriate. The programs are an important part of building sustainable communities beyond mere physical redevelopment. Typical programs include homebuyer education and counseling, foreclosure prevention, community safety initiatives, commercial corridor programs, family asset building and youth programs.

Organizational Technical Assistance
For local organizations, LISC offers direct consulting, referrals to other organizations when appropriate, targeted grantor engagement of consultants for specific projects.  The goal is to build organizational capacity by helping our client become stronger nonprofit that can help the community reach a specific outcome.

Real Estate Development Capacity Initiative (REDCI)
LISC has launched a special initiative in partnership with two nonprofit developers to increase their ability to develop affordable housing and other real estate projects in priority neighborhoods.

LISC AmeriCorps Program
AmeriCorps builds capacity by placing AmeriCorps members in nonprofits to expand their services or test new programs and initiatives. The AmeriCorps program also helps train individuals interested in nonprofit work for future careers in the field.

Acting As A Catalyst
Community organizations have the passion to revitalize their neighborhoods and much of what they need to make it happen. LISC’s role is to fill gaps by bringing financial resources, serving as a technical expert and creating partnerships to give a boost to the CDC/nonprofits’ efforts. LISC’s work enables community organizations to be more efficient, effective and lasting by offering best practices, successful models and resources.

Grant Activity and Tools for CDCs

Information as well as other resources and links that will help CDCs manage government funds: