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A reflection on the road ahead

Dear Friends,

As we honor the Juneteenth holiday, our team at NMSC is reflecting on the challenges of systemic racism that continue to affect our country.  We are grieving the murders of members of the Black community, and devastated by the effect of a pandemic that has widened the gulf of inequality and disproportionately impacted people of color. 

Though these challenges seem revelatory or insurmountable, they are neither. That it took this moment in time to recognize the full extent of our society’s failure to acknowledge the dignity and worth of communities of color is cause for shame, and a tragedy unto itself.

Still, there is hope. With our anger, our grief and fresh eyes we see the opportunity of this moment to create a more inclusive country for the Black community and address systemic racism in its many forms.  We are determined to be part of that change.

As an impact financial services company serving members of underinvested communities, we must do better at directing resources toward investments that address the racial wealth gap and work with communities of color throughout our national footprint to build community assets in line with their vision of their homes, families, businesses and neighborhoods.  

We also pledge to do better as a team to ensure that NMSC is an environment where diversity, equity and inclusion are embraced and lived out fully, to integrate anti-racist learning and practices into our work and to reject racism in all its forms. We recognize this moment as the beginning of many conversations that still need to happen.

We will work as a team to support broader anti-racism efforts and organizations. As always, I am encouraged by the passion and ideas of our team. As a team, we have decided to implement a company matching program to support donations to organizations leading the anti-racism and racial inequality effort. This is, I hope, the first of many such initiatives we can pursue as a team.

We stand with our partners who are fighting for racial justice and will listen, learn and combine forces with you to help make this tragic moment a positive turning point in our country.

Thank you,

Kevin Boes
President & CEO