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Vice President, Partner Services

New Markets Support Company (NMSC) is seeking a full-time Vice President (VP) of Partner Services to lead business development and client relations for our impact financial services offerings. The VP will expand our client base, increase our long-term revenues and improve NMSC’s customer satisfaction. They will focus on building better client acquisition and retention systems and continually cultivating them. The VP will work closely with the COO and CEO to drive NMSC’s business strategy.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Client relationship management with a focus on superior customer service
  • Cultivating New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) advisory services opportunities via community development organizations, investors, consultants, developers, and potential new entrants to industry
  • Creating and monitoring internal system for assessing whether our work-product, performance and external relationships are in line with NMSC’s values
  • Continually evaluating the services we offer, ensuring they align with market needs, and that our description of services matches market terminology
  • Working with COO and CEO to evaluate new business opportunities and service offerings within impact financial services industry
  • Sales and marketing of Partner Services offerings
  • Hire and manage staff, if/when necessary to achieve goals

Keys to Hiring

A successful VP will be entrepreneurial and ambitious, with a passion for managing processes and building relationships with staff and customers. The VP should develop a clear understanding of each functional unit within NMSC. As a leader in the company, they should be able to exert influence when necessary to ensure that NMSC meets customer expectations. The VP will also expand the Partner Services team and manage new members.

Performance Objectives

Primary Objective: The major objective of the VP of Partner Services is to lead business development and client relations for all existing impact financial services offered by NMSC. The VP will be the head of services targeting the New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) industry, and grow our impact financial services client base and revenues. The VP should ensure that they and their delegates are in regular communication with NMSC’s clients, collecting continual feedback through a systematic process. The VP must gain expertise in the internal operations of both NMSC and our clients. To overdeliver to our clients and “do good, better,” the VP must develop a deep understanding of our clients’ strategy, politics, staff, processes and products.

Secondary Objective: To successfully lead business development and client relations, the VP’s initial responsibility will be to evaluate NMSC’s service offerings to ensure that they align with market needs.

Operational Review: The VP will conduct a comprehensive operational review of current business development, client retention, and service delivery practices and recommend improvements.

Technical Competency: The VP must excel in building successful client retention platforms. They must develop a deep understanding of NMSC’s services and be able to deploy marketing and sales skills to attract new clients.

Address Problems & Make Improvements: NMSC excels in client retention, but we believe there is room to improve our client relationship management. The VP should establish a strong management system, including procedures for collecting customer feedback after contracts are executed and assigning staff members to take ownership of specific client relationships.

Team Development & Influencing: The VP will work with NMSC staff that provide NMSC’s services to evaluate the current organizational design and identify potential gaps. Once the VP understands NMSC’s organizational needs, they will work with functional leads to ensure staff are performing the services expected. The VP must be a successful influencer, as they will not have full control over all the functional units within the company. The VP will hire their own staff as necessary.

Strategy & Planning: Within the first year, the VP will work with senior leadership to implement a plan to expand NMSC’s financial services business (both the existing lines as well as prospective ones). The VP should recognize the limitations of a growing company’s short-term internal resources and must demonstrate an ability to prioritize and implement strategies that maximize long-term enterprise value to NMSC.

Personality & Interpersonal Skills: The VP must have the ability to sell ideas both internally and externally. The VP will need to establish credibility with the functional units within NMSC by demonstrating technical expertise and a willingness to work with others to achieve goals. They should take their work seriously, but not themselves.

Tenacity: The VP should be comfortable pushing back on how things are done today, while also communicating effectively to gain critical buy-in throughout the organization.

We offer a competitive salary, along with a comprehensive benefits package.

Submit resume and cover letter with salary requirements via email to, or mail to National Equity Fund, Human Resources Department, 10 S. Riverside Plaza, Ste. 1700, Chicago, IL 60606.



Reporting to: Fund Manager

The Analyst will help develop and maintain financial models of investment funds on behalf of NMSC and its clients. They will manage the closing process and integration of new investments into investment fund models. They will also monitor fund performance and track reporting requirements along with completing ad hoc financial analysis for management.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Structure financial models for investment funds of various product offerings including a mixture of debt, equity, and New Markets Tax Credits (NMTCs)
  • Maintain investment fund models, assist in managing and monitoring fund performance, and adhere to financial reporting compliance with fund agreements
  • Assist in the closing of new investments and developing three-statement financial models for investments
  • Responsible for organizing investment pipeline and due diligence
  • Comprehend and adhere to programmatic compliance rules for the New Markets Tax Credit program                                                       
  • Track and compile reporting for investment funds
  • Perform ad hoc financial analysis, due diligence, and work as assigned

Desired qualifications:

  • Undergraduate or graduate degree in finance, accounting, economics, or related field
  • 0-2 years of financial modeling experience
  • Ability to create three-statement financial models for investments
  • Broad knowledge of financial markets
  • Enthusiastic about structured finance and/or public-private investing
  • Highly organized with the ability to work independently and manage multiple projects simultaneously                                                                                                                       
  • Strong analytical skills and proficiency in Microsoft Excel       
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to work well in a dynamic team environment         
  • Self-motivated individual driven with the desire to take on leadership roles

We offer a competitive salary, along with a comprehensive benefits package. Please submit your resume via e-mail to Brent Kuennen at