LISC National
What We Do

Capacity Building

LISC NYC is dedicated to supporting local champions who share our vision for an inclusive city. We work together to help underserved neighborhoods become places of opportunity.

Community development corporations (CDCs) have deep-rooted connections to residents and a track record dating back to the 1970s of rebuilding neighborhoods that were devastated by disinvestment, marginalization and racism enshrined in public policy. Many are not only stewards of a dwindling supply of decent, safe and affordable housing, but are also at the forefront of innovative community programming to build civic infrastructure, create access to healthy food, improve education, meet the needs of youth and seniors, connect people to jobs and strengthen the financial opportunity of underserved populations. 

LISC NYC builds capacity in community development through:

  • Capacity Building: We strengthen our nonprofit community development partners by offering a toolbox of technical assistance, training, cross-sector partnerships, and funding. 
  • Cashin Community Development Fellowship: We introduce young people to the field of community development through our Cashin Community Development Fellowship, generously funded by LISC Board member Lisa Cashin. Through a partnership with Prep for Prep, LISC places high school and college students in summer jobs with community development corporation partners and LISC.