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Connecting Local People to the Prosperity of Place: Workforce Development Meets Industrial District Revitalization

September 5, 2019

1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.


Manufacturing remains a vital part of the American economy and is an important industry of opportunity, as it can provide jobs with decent pay and benefits to people with less than a college degree. Yet, despite growing support for manufacturing and industrial districts, relatively little is known about promising strategies to connect nearby low-income residents to the jobs these investments create. In a new white paper, LISC Research and Evaluation examines emerging strategies that connect industrial district revitalization to local workforce efforts and how investments in industrial districts can fuel programs designed to train low-income residents and ensure they access local jobs.

This webinar will present research findings and a discussion with practitioners, employers and advocacy organizations about lessons they’ve learned while devising and implementing strategies to connect investments in industrial districts with workforce development programs.


  • Patricia Voltolini, Senior Research Associate, LISC


  • Jocelynne Rainey, Chief Administrative Officer and Executive Vice President, Brooklyn Navy Yard
  • Jessie Hogg Leslie, Managing Director, National Network, National Skills Coalition
  • Lee Wellington, Executive Director, Urban Manufacturing Alliance
  • Liisa Stark, Assistant Vice President - Public Affairs at Union Pacific Railroad

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