Our Initiatives

Products & Services

Grant Support

LISC Housing connects local LISC offices and organizations with opportunities to apply for green planning and construction grants as well as capacity building grants.


We work with community development corporations and other affordable housing developers to finance acquisition, predevelopment, construction, bridge, mini-perm, and permanent. Our lending approach is flexible: we provide financing in conjunction with other lenders, and we work closely with borrowers to find the best combination of financing sources and options for each project. For more information, download a summary of our lending products.


LISC Housing is committed to financing affordable housing projects, but many commercial lenders and investors are reluctant to get involved in these transactions. Through financial guarantees on behalf of project sponsors, we provides additional security for the transaction’s skeptical participants. This strategy allows LISC to develop affordable housing for low-income households in need and grow LISC’s network of partners for future projects.

Technical Assistance

We provide direct technical assistance to a network of LISC offices across the country and to their partners in the communities where they work. This helps organizations leverage funding opportunities, navigate complex housing regulations, and develop comprehensive housing strategies.

Knowledge Sharing & Training

Through webinars, conferences and other events, LISC Housing helps affordable housing stakeholders to connect and share knowledge. We connect networks of experts and practitioners to discuss new issues in affordable housing finance and preservation and share updates on HUD’s programs and other affordable housing finance developments.

Data and Mapping Tools

We maintain a comprehensive, property-level database and provide this as a resource to community development corporations, nonprofit owners, municipalities, and other stakeholders. Our datasets allow us to understand the location, characteristics and availability of federally-assisted affordable housing in any given location and convey this information to developer partners. The database can help our partners: 1) analyze the physical and financial characteristics of properties assisted by HUD and LIHTC; 2) identify preservation, local employment, and transit-oriented development opportunities; and 3) support community members in their search for quality affordable housing.