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The community development movement has always promoted equity and resilience in places across the country. This work continues to be as important as ever, as we see the disproportionate health and economic impact of COVID-19 on many of the communities where we have traditionally worked. While the need to increase access to affordable housing, improve health outcomes and build financial stability remains a constant for the sector, the LISC Institute is curating resources and tools to help practitioners respond to shifting demands introduced by COVID-19 while continuing to carry out their ongoing, important work.  

COVID-19 Toolkit

Visit our toolkit for a compilation of industry-wide strategies, guides and resources designed to help community development practitioners respond to the pandemic.

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We're keeping track of upcoming trainings and webinars around the industry so you can stay up-to-date on the latest information.  

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LISC's Response

Visit LISC's COVID-19 response page to learn more about local funding opportunities, LISC's federal policy priorities, and other news and information.

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Our resources

Visit our resource pages to see what we're highlighting related to COVID-19 response efforts, as well as our existing resources aimed at helping practitioners and intermediaries build the strength of communities to advance more equitable and resilient outcomes across places.  Below, you'll find links to see our libraries with housing, health and economic development resources, as well as our capacity building tools to build the strength of local organizations and make them better able to carry out this important work..

Affordable Housing

Access to affordable, safe and healthy housing is essential. Learn about on-going strategies to increase the supply of affordable housing and prevent homelessness, and how policy makers and practitioners are responding to housing needs during the Coronavirus outbreak.

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Capacity Building

Without strong community-based organizations to lift up the needs of residents and work with them to implement strategies, real, lasting change is impossible. We've compiled tools, tips and guides to help organizations stay healthy so they can carry out relief and recovery efforts.

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Economic Development

In a vibrant community, entrepreneurs can create successful enterprises, all residents can build wealth and income, businesses meet local needs. Visit our library for guidance on how we can continue to build wealth and income, provide resources to the individuals that need them most, and build the resilience of small businesses.

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The importance of access to good healthcare and nutritious food has never been more evident. Check out our resources to learn about on-going strategies to address the root causes of health through its social determinants, and how practitioners are factoring this knowledge into strategies to improve health outcomes.

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