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How are fellows selected?

Fellows are chosen through a joint nomination and application process. An external nominating committee and LISC staff submit nominations. An internal steering committee reviews nominations and invites candidates to apply. The steering committee then reviews all applications and selects the final Fellows.

What are the criteria for a Rubinger Fellow?

Rubinger Fellows should: Be next-generation change agents with roots in the communities where they work and a focus on bringing transformative opportunity to those who need it most; Have already achieved professional success but are poised to take the next step in their work and leadership roles at the community level; Demonstrate intellectual curiosity and a willingness to be an active part of a cohort; Embrace opportunities to share what they know with others—both their successes and lessons learned—to serve as leader-examples for the field as a whole; and Represent the diversity of the communities where they live and work.

How many Rubinger Fellows are chosen per year?

8-10 Fellows are chosen each year.

How often do the Fellows connect?

Rubinger Fellows meet in person three times over their fellowship year – kickoff, midpoint, and wrap-up. Fellows also connect once a month during check-in calls, which act as an informal forum for project and program updates as well as questions and feedback from the other Fellows.

Do the Fellows receive any other support or training?

The in-person convenings provide leadership development training and programmatic support in addition to peer learning activities. The goal is to ensure that they receive the tools they need to have a successful Fellowship project and grow as leaders in the field.

Do Fellows leave their current jobs during the fellowship?

It is up to the individual candidate if they will keep their full-time job or carve out time for the Fellowship. Fellows usually keep their full-time positions since if their projects align with the mission of their organization. Some have chosen to take a day off each week or carve out weeks over the course of the year.

Who is on the steering committee?

The steering committee is made up of 8-12 LISC staff. The group includes members from both local and national offices and changes annually.

Who receives the Fellowship funding?

The $40,000 stipend goes directly to the Fellow (as taxable income).