Our Initiatives


Empowering people

We know that healthy, sustainable communities are made up of people who have living wage jobs and feel confident about their economic futures. To get there, residents need the skills to advance along the path of employment and manage their money well. That’s why LISC invests in helping people tackle all the facets of financial life as well as teaching people skills necessary for family-supporting careers with opportunities for growth.

LISC’s financial stability programs connect low- to moderate- income families with the financial and labor market mainstream. We offer employment and career services, financial coaching and education and low-cost financial products that build credit, savings and assets.

Our financial stability initiatives include a national network of nearly 90 Financial Opportunity Centers operating in 30 cities and rural areas across the country. Conveniently located in trusted community organizations, FOCs offer an integrated package of employment, financial, and income support services for economically-isolated people. They have proven to help people stay motivated and improve their economic prospects: studies show that FOC clients have better job retention, develop sound financial habits and build credit.

In 2018, FOCs served more than 24,000 people & placed more than 5,600 in jobs with average starting wages of $12.20/hr.

A growing number of FOCs also offer LISC’s Bridges to Career Opportunities programs, to tackle basic skills gaps among unemployed or underemployed residents that limit their access to living-wage jobs. In addition to traditional support services, clients build literacy and math skills while pursuing certifications for a particular industry. Bridges connects clients to “middle skills” jobs with room for growth and helps local employers connect with trained employees.