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Early Childhood Facilities

What we do

Early childhood education is an essential part of a healthy community--it prepares young children for success in school and life, supports working parents and bolsters family well-being. High quality preschool is a proven, effective means to closing the achievement gap for low-income and at-risk children. But it takes the right kind of setting for early learning to flourish. LISC’s Early Childhood Facilities program (also known as the Community Investment Collaborative for Kids or CICK) works to expand and promote access to early childhood education by investing in high quality, age-appropriate settings for these programs.

23,883 children
have access to preschool

LISC has invested more than $57 million in planning and developing 223 new facilities serving 23,617 children in low-income urban and rural neighborhoods across the country. We do this through specialized technical assistance, innovative financing and public policy initiatives, and by sharing our expertise. That investment has generated an additional $233 million in public and private resources for these early childhood education centers.

Sharing a book at a preschool in Milford, CT
Sharing a book at a preschool in Milford, CT

What we offer

  • Financing tools that have brought low- or no-cost capital to early childhood facilities projects, including partnerships with state governments to create facilities funds.
  • Advocacy for quality spaces and increased federal and state funding for early childhood facilities development. Research shows that well-designed, age-appropriate spaces support social/emotional development and greater learning outcomes and wellbeing for young children.
  • Expertise and technical assistance to help early childhood providers and nonprofit community developers build and improve facilities.


Megan Ressler, Assistant Program Officer