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SchoolPrint: Charter School Project Management™

Our Mission and Vision

For charter school leaders across the country, identifying and developing cost-effective facilities is among the most daunting challenges in a school’s lifecycle.  In conjunction with the Walton Family Foundation’s Building Equity Initiative, LISC has created SchoolPrint: Charter School Project Management, an initiative to smooth the path for schools in their facility development process so students can learn in an optimal environment. 

The mission of SchoolPrint is to empower and guide charter schools to make informed decisions about their facility projects. We provide our expertise and support at all stages of the development process. Our goal is to save schools time and money by offering a blueprint for charter school facility development.

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Perry Street Case Study

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Our COVID-19 Response

We are still grappling with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our health, safety,
economy, and civic life. Our hearts go out to all those affected by the disease, and we can only
hope for healing and an unwavering sense of community during this unprecedented challenge.
This crisis has amplified the need for charter school facilities; schools will reopen, reconnect,
and resume their critical work of providing high quality education to all children. Operating
effectively will require schools to navigate a new environment where much is still unknown.
Now more than ever, schools need all the information available in order to respond to changes
efficiently and create backup plans as needed.

SchoolPrint is a free service to charter schools who need assistance in identifying and working
with quality construction service providers, or general assistance in navigating the facilities
process. We provide the blueprint schools need to successfully complete their facility projects.
If your current facility situation has been further exacerbated by COVID-19 and you need expert
advice, please feel free to reach us at SchoolPrint@lisc.org.