Our Initiatives

SchoolPrint: Charter School Project Management™

For charter school leaders across the country, identifying and developing affordable facilities is among the most daunting challenges in a school’s lifecycle. LISC has created SchoolPrint™, an initiative to smooth the path for schools in their facility development process, with the support of the Walton Family Foundation’s Building Equity Initiative.

SchoolPrint™ combines construction expertise with charter school finance and development knowledge to bring transparency to the facilities development process and ensure that charter schools arrive at the best value proposition for their needs.

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What We Do

A free resource for schools, SchoolPrint™ offers:

  • Database of location-specific prequalified Owner’s Representatives
  • Assistance in developing a Scope of Services for an Owner’s Representative and soliciting proposals
  • Technical assistance in Finance, Design & Construction
  • Performance monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Data and best practices knowledge-sharing

Charter schools can access support at different points in their real estate planning and development process.  Some may enter at the concept phase and need an affordability analysis to determine how to begin, and others will already have undertaken feasibility studies and developed preliminary capital budgets, and need support assembling a high-quality team to execute their plan. We will meet schools wherever they are in the facilities process.

Services Spectrum

1. Consultation and Needs Assessment: In the early stages, SchoolPrint™ will offer to assess the school’s in-house finances and development capacity, and, depending on the outcome, we will refer schools to our roster of partners and consultants for planning and technical assistance.
2. Solicit Proposals from O/Rs: SchoolPrint™ will offer a roster of pre-qualified, experienced Owner’s Representatives; we may also assist schools in developing a scope of services and administering a Request for Proposals for an Owner’s Representative, alleviating the burden on school personnel.
3. Evaluate Options: SchoolPrint™ will support schools through the interview and due diligence process leading to the selection of a high-quality, suitable O/R.
4. Ongoing Support: SchoolPrint™ will periodically check in to ensure satisfactory progress and provide construction, design and finance technical assistance as needed.

Our Impact

Through SchoolPrint™, schools will gain access to the real estate expertise necessary for successful project development, and secure services from high-quality, pre-screened owner’s representative firms. Our goal is to save schools time and money by providing transparency, expertise and support at all stages of the development process.

For More Information, Please Contact:

Eva Schweitzer
(202) 739 9274