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SchoolPrint is a free resource for schools.  Our team combines construction expertise with charter school finance and development knowledge to bring transparency to the facilities development process, ensuring that charter schools arrive at the best value proposition for their needs. 

SchoolPrint will meet schools wherever they are in the facilities planning and development process.  We offer a variety services including: vetting potential service providers; providing resources and assistance for construction decisions; developing and soliciting a scope of services for construction service providers, and supporting the RFP and contract process. Please see our services outlined in additional detail below:

Services Spectrum

Initial Consultation: Connect with SchoolPrint early in your facility’s process in order to have your school’s high-level questions and concerns addressed. This can include a feasibility assessment, affordability analysis, as well as a review of your in-house finances and development capacity

Service Provider Recommendations: SchoolPrint will connect you with the right partner to complete your facility project. Our database of pre-screened, qualified location-specific service providers includes: owners representatives, architects, general contractors, developers, construction project managers, and charter facility consultants.

Project Scope Assistance: Once the right partners have been identified, SchoolPrint will assist schools in developing a scope of services and administering a Request for Proposals for service providers. We will also support schools through the interview and due diligence process leading to the selection of a high-quality, suitable facility team.

Construction Technical Assistance: SchoolPrint will provide ongoing support for your facility project and ensure satisfactory facility progress.