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Round I Grantees

Congratulations to the following Spark Opportunity Grantees! The 26 schools highlighted below demonstrated strong academic performance, a commitment to serving students from populations with high needs, and strong financial and operations management.

Achievement First Linden

Brooklyn, New York

Achievement First Linden is an elementary school committed to delivering on the promise of equal educational opportunity for all of America’s children. As a college preparatory program the elementary school programming is designed to set students up for success in high school and achieving the “college-ready bar” to be successful in college and ultimately return to their communities as leaders in their own right.

Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan High School

Los Angeles California

Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan High School is a tuition-free, public, charter school committed to operating a small high performance school that prepares each student to enter and succeed in college. The primary strength of the school is its highly accountable educational model guided by its five Alliance core values which include: high expectations for all students, small personalized schools and classrooms, increased instructional time, highly qualified principals and teachers, and partners as parents.

Amber Charter School III

New York, New York

Amber Charter School’s mission is to provide its students with an academically rigorous and well-rounded education, along with strong character development, that will enable them to prosper in future endeavors. In addition to producing strong academic results, Amber Charter Schools addresses the learning and developmental needs of the whole child through enrichment offerings and a comprehensive range of supports.

Arizona Autism Charter School

Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona Autism Charter School is the first tuition-free, public charter school in Arizona focused on the educational needs of children with autism. Their programming is grounded in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to help students overcome behavioral and communication deficits and access curriculum in the areas of language arts, math, science, social studies and life skills, regardless of level on the autism spectrum.

Bedford Stuyvesant New Beginnings Charter School

Brooklyn, New York

Bedford Stuyvesant New Beginnings Charter School is an elementary and middle school proudly serving the students of Bedford Stuyvesant. Families, educators and community members join together to create a supportive and rigorous academic environment for all students. Through the pursuit of 21st-century learning, project-based & service learning, and traditional coursework, students are prepared to succeed in academically competitive schools as well as become responsible citizens of the global community.

Camden Preparatory

Camden, New Jersey

Camden Prep is a free public school serving grades K through 8. Camden Prep is serving families with an award-winning instructional model that supports students’ academic and personal growth. Camden Prep is the #1 highest performance school of all renaissance and district schools in Camden.

Compass Rose Academy

 San Antonio, Texas

Compass Rose Academy is a tuition-free public charter school that is deeply committed to helping all students live up to their power and potential through a rigorous educational program that prepares them for college and the world beyond. At Compass Rose Academy, academic achievement coupled with personal growth is their “True North.” Everything the school does is oriented in that direction.

DC Preparatory

Washington D.C.

DC Preparatory is committed to bridging the educational divide in Washington, DC by increasing the number of students from underserved communities with the academic preparation and personal character to succeed in competitive high schools and colleges.

DREAM Charter School

New York, NY

DREAM Charter School’s mission is to level the field by empowering all children to recognize their potential and realize their dreams. Since its founding DREAM has grown to serve more than 2,500 boys and girls annually in East Harlem, the South Bronx, and Newark with a unique program model that uses team-based methods to provide a comprehensive, enriching experience for young people.

Everest Value School

Los Angeles, California

Everest Value School’s mission is to establish and support high quality, values based elementary and secondary charter schools for populations of students who have been historically underserved by the public school system. Everest Value School has high expectations for its students and does everything it can to ensure that its students reach these expectations.

Family Life Academy Middle School

Bronx, New York

FLACS Middle School scholars will develop a thirst for knowledge and a lifetime love of learning in a variety of subject areas. Students are encouraged to take ownership for their own learning while gaining a solid foundation in literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies to ensure success in high school, college, and career.

Frontier STEM High School

Kansas City, Missouri

Frontier STEM High School prioritizes STEM education. It is the largest charter school in Kansas City and the second largest in the state of Missouri. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education sits at the core of everything the Frontier Schools strives to achieve.

Futuro Academy

Las Vegas, Nevada

Futuro Academy educates all K-8 scholars to excel through middle school into high school, and to the university of their choice. Futuro Academy is a tuition-free charter school with an extended learning time, small student to teacher ratio, and teachers who believe that all students can achieve regardless of zip code as college preparation begins in kindergarten and character education is crucial to long term success.

IDEA Public Schools Houston

Houston, Texas

IDEA Public Schools is committed to a vision of College For All Children. Through its unique curriculum and its college support model comprising people, programs, and culture, it is closing the opportunity gap and increasing levels of achievement by preparing students from underserved communities for success in college and citizenship.

Key Collegiate Charter School

Brooklyn, New York

Key Collegiate currently serves grades 4-8 in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Key Collegiate, believes that every student—regardless of socioeconomic background, race, zip code, or home language—can and will excel when provided with a rigorous, college preparatory education.

Leadership Public School Oakland

Oakland, California

Leadership Public School Oakland’s mission is to transform local and national educational outcomes for students historically under-represented in college, empowering them for a range of college, career and community leadership options. The school works to achieve this through rigorous and responsive academics, cultural and community relevancy, and the development of a personal vision and actionable plan for the future.

New Heights Charter School

Los Angeles, California

New Heights Charter School serves students in South Los Angeles. New Heights Charter School promotes rigorous academic learning in a safe, caring school environment. New Heights Charter School's approach to teaching and learning encourages student initiative and ownership, promotes inquiry, fosters dialogue, generates awareness of healthy choices, expands and strengthens thinking processes, and develops basic skills in reading, writing, mathematics, speaking and listening.

Paramount Community Heights

Indianapolis, Indiana

Paramount Community Heights exists to inspire learning through an unparalleled academic approach, and to transform communities by changing lives. The Paramount Schools use an integrated research-based curriculum to maximize each child’s potential against measurable standards. Every student has academic performance goals with the expectation of improvement in each content area.

Resurgence Hall Charter School

East Point Georgia

Resurgence Hall Charter School serves grades K-8. Resurgence Hall Charter School believes that every student is entitled to a rigorous, college preparatory education regardless of their economic circumstances, zip code, race, or home language. Resurgence Hall incorporates computer science as a core component of the curriculum at all grade levels.

Rochester Preparatory

Rochester, New York

Rochester Prep is committed to preparing each student to succeed in college and beyond. From the student experience to providing a supportive environment, Rochester Prep students and families will have the foundation to make dreams come true. Rochester Prep has provided Rochester students and families with an award-winning instructional model that supports their academic and personal growth.

Rosenwald Collegiate

New Orleans, Louisiana

Rosenwald Collegiate is a high school committed to building a better world by preparing all students for college success and lives of limitless opportunity. All students help lead a club or team that fuels their passions. Roseenwald Collegiate students are prepared for college success with its rigorous curriculum.

Sheila C Skip Nowell Leadership Academy

Providence, Rhode Island

The Nowell Leadership Academy is a public charter high school founded to serve pregnant and parenting young adults. Its mission is to ensure that Rhode Island's pregnant, parenting and underserved youth graduate from high school with the knowledge and skills they need to be prepared for success in college, career and family life.

Springfield Preparatory

Springfield, Massachusetts

Springfield Prep is an inclusive, K-5 public school for Springfield students. Springfield Preparatory’s mission is to prepare all students for success in high school, college, and life.

The Bronx Charter School for Children

Bronx, New York

The Mission of the Bronx Charter School for Children is to empower our children to achieve their greatest potential both as students and as members of their communities. The Bronx Charter School for Children believes that a rigorous academic program combined with a supportive social-emotional curriculum leads to scholar success.


Bronx, New York

Zeta Bronx II is building a high-performing, next-generation school with an innovative, whole-child approach, preparing children for true participation and leadership in a modern world economy. Zeta graduates are lifelong learners, problem solvers, and innovators. Zeta students will carry forward their holistic education into everything they do.

ZETA Inwood I

New York, New York

ZETA Inwood I starts with a foundation of world-class academics. Its complementary social-emotional, mindfulness program emboldens irs students with the skills to thrive inside and outside the classroom. Zeta graduates are lifelong learners, problem solvers, and innovators. Zeta students will carry forward their holistic education into everything they do.