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What we do

To do our work well, we have to understand the needs of the communities where we invest, and gauge the on-the-ground impact of those investments on people’s lives. The research and evaluation department supports LISC’s work by conducting studies to better understand both our own initiatives and public policies that shape outcomes in urban and rural areas. We collaborate with community partners to ensure that our questions are set up to inform policy and practice. And we engage in innovative research partnerships to develop path-breaking insights about how communities change and the role of neighborhoods in catalyzing opportunity for their residents.

Our research spans the breadth of the work LISC supports, including studies of the impact of community-hospital partnerships; initiatives that bring industrial and manufacturing jobs to cities; and efforts to support the resilience of America’s immigrant neighborhoods.

Find our research roadmap here, a compilation of our research reports here.

How we do it

  • Measuring impact: Using methods that are rigorous, transparent, and participatory, we describe the impact of our work and those of our partners. We analyze scaled-up, visible efforts across a variety of contexts to understand their effect on people, places, systems and enterprises. And even more importantly, we show how communities came together to achieve this impact, so lessons can be applied elsewhere.
  • Lifting up innovation: We identify significant emerging policies and programs that support resilient and inclusive communities of opportunity. Working with our partners in urban and rural regions throughout the country, we advance potentially transformative approaches to issues ranging from displacement to industrial revitalization.
  • Supporting learning and evaluation needs: We help our local offices and their partners by providing evidence that strengthens their programs. At the national level, we support analysis of new strategic initiatives, from supporting career pathways to promoting climate resilience.

Featured Resource

The Power of Integrated Services

In this white paper the LISC Research & Evaluation team examines recent outcomes for Financial Opportunity Center (FOC) participants to assess the early success of the Bridges to Career Opportunities (BCO) model.

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David Greenberg, Director of Research & Evaluation