5.29.2020 -

CHAM Webinar: COVID-19 Asset Management - Strategic Responses

During this webinar, presenters examine two case studies of affordable housing providers who are pivoting their asset management approach to address COVID-19 stresses on properties, portfolios and residents.

4.09.2020 -

CHAM Webinar: Stress Testing Your Portfolio: Asset Managers Coping with COVID-19

In this webinar CHAM presents leading syndicators and owners of mission based affordable housing who demonstrate sensitivity analyses to create portfolio scenarios to help manage the crisis.

Building Capacity, Changing Systems

This LISC research report looks at efforts of intermediaries to advance equity considering the needs of local organizations and also citywide actors and the public sector. The goal is to learn how intermediaries can build the capacity of entire systems to promote equitable outcomes.

2.10.2020 -

Community Development Leadership: Early Visionaries Inspire Tomorrow’s Success

In this webinar, Dee and Bob draw on interviews with 12 diverse long-time leaders in community development and identify a number of common themes for what inspired and drove them.