6.26.2020 -

Toolkit: Mission Driven Industrial Development

This toolkit from Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development is designed to help communities implement mission driven strategies for urban industrial development.

Making Room for Manufacturing—and Manufacturing Jobs

In a new white paper from LISC and the Urban Manufacturing Alliance, “All About the Jobs,” we describe eight mission-driven industrial projects and their financing models. All these projects are creating affordable space for small- and medium-sized manufacturers so they can bring benefits—good jobs, especially—to the surrounding community.

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8.26.2019 -

Letter from the Editor: Workforce Development Sector Partnerships

Read this Letter from the Editor to learn why we're highlighting one approach to workforce development: sector partnerships.

8.26.2019 -

Partnering for Success: Q&A with Community Action Duluth

The LISC Institute spoke with Community Action Duluth and Arrowhead Manufacturers Fabricators Association about their partnership and the creation of the Arrowhead Manufacturers and Fabricators’ Training Program.

Connecting Local People to the Prosperity of Place

This LISC white paper examines emerging strategies that connect industrial district revitalization to local workforce efforts and how investments in industrial districts can fuel programs designed to train low-income residents and ensure they access local jobs. The paper takes a close look at how this plays out in the field with two case studies from Brooklyn, NY and one from Jackson, MI.