9.30.2019 -

Affordable Housing Investment: A Guide for Nonprofit Hospitals and Health Systems

The guide is informed by Urban Institute’s research examining the current practice as well as the motivations, opportunities, and barriers nonprofit hospitals and health systems face to initiating and broadening investments in housing development.

7.23.2019 -

Passive House Standards Bring Green Living to Affordable Multifamily Housing

Green retrofitting is the practice of repairing or rehabilitating a building to include energy-saving or health-promoting features or both. Greening an existing building can make it more energy-efficient, bringing down utility costs for owners and tenants, or it can create a healthier indoor environment for residents, with fewer asthma and allergy triggers such as mold and chemicals.

6.02.2019 -

Letter from the Editor: Tenants Rights

Read our Letter from the Editor to learn how CDFIs are supporting tenants rights and organizing efforts.

6.02.2019 -

Q&A with Robert Wohl from the Latino Economic Development Center

The LISC Institute asked Robert Wohl of LECD, a DC group that supports tenants through education and organizing, why organizing is an important tool to protect tenants, and what he thinks are some new policies and practices that will help LECD continue to do their work.

2.01.2019 -

How to Fund Land Banks

According to the Center for Community Progress there are more than 170 land banks now in operation, this article from Shelterforce explores how they are funded.