1.15.2019 -

Letter from the Editor: Spotlight on the State of the CDFI Industry

While the issues CDFIs focus on, such as financing affordable housing, are receiving an unprecedented level of public attention, the industry faces ever-mounting funding threats, particularly at the federal level, and increased competition, both from new entrants and each other.

12.13.2017 -

Getting Started On an Anchor Strategy

Ellen Watters offers a three-phase way of looking at the potential for an anchor strategy in your community.

8.31.2017 -

When Disaster Strikes

The LISC Institute has rounded up some of our prior posts on disaster recovery to share stories and lessons learned from earlier storms. The aftermath of such a destructive storm also provokes thoughts of how to prepare for the next crisis, so we’re also sharing resources for building community resilience to survive future disasters.

10.27.2016 -

Disaster Resilience for Vulnerable Populations

As climate change – with rising seas levels and greater extremes of weather – renders our nation more vulnerable to such disasters, Enterprise's Laurel Blatchford calls for greater attention to prevention and mitigation of weather effects for all communities. The article offers examples of where this work is being done in inclusive ways.

10.11.2016 -

Recovery Can Start Before Disaster Strikes

In the wake of destructive flooding from Hurricane Matthew, we have turned our attention to how communities can react and recover. But proactive planning can help create communities that are built to withstand the forces of nature. Following are some resources that can help guide municipalities and community developers in designing communities that are more prepared for and resilient to disasters.